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Grove offers wide range of high quality used auto and truck parts service at an affordable price. We are happy to help to install any of our parts, contact our counter staff and they would be happy to provide a quote. Have a specific part in mind? Please fill the online.install any of our parts, contact our counter staff and they would be happy to provide a quote. Have a specific part in mind? Use our eform to request a part.

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Front wheel drive automatic transmission
If you need to turn up the volume on the radio to overcome the noise, it's time to visit Grove Auto & Truck Parts Ltd.



Starters are affected by both hot and cold weather. All of our starters are cleaned and tested (or rebuilt) prior to sales.


Engines? We have lots of engines! We have an amazing selection of domestic and foreign gas and diesel engines for cars and trucks. Whether you are looking for a V6 or V10, as one of the largest recyclers around we offer both service and selection.

Standard transmissions


Torn boots and a clicking sound in the front usually mean its replacement time. Our prices are competitive and our stock extensive.

Standard transmissions

Power Steering Pumps

Power steering pumps usually get noisy prior to failure. To avoid nasty surprises, please click our website when the whining starts. Grove offers pumps for domestic and imported vehicles at reasonable price than other.

Power Steering Pumps


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From alternators to tail lights, use our online form to request auto parts

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